Udyog Aadhaar (MSME) Verification API

Onboarding genuine merchants becomes easy with the real-time verification API by Scriza
Scriza brings forth a robust and secure solution to make MSME onboarding hassle-free. Verify and onboard genuine merchants with our highly reliable API technology. To prevent the risk of fraud, use our MSME verification API and validate if a merchant exists.
The high-performing API technology provides useful merchant details based on their unique identification numbers provided by the Ministry of MSME.

Udyog Aadhaar registration online verification API

Maximizes the workflow of your compliance team. Simply enter the Udyam Aadhaar number and quickly retrieve validation data such as:

  • Enterprise name
  • Enterprise type
  • Address
  • ncorporation date
  • NIC codes

  • With reduced TAT and a competitive price range, we bring forth a seamless and easy to use merchant onboarding solution. Get API keys right now to onboard safer and faster.
    The easy to integrate API can be paired with your existing workflow to make the onboarding process faster, easier and more secure.
    All you need is the Udyog Aadhaar Certificate number and Scriza verification API solutions will do the rest.
    talk to our sales team right now and say goodbye to time consuming and erroneous verification

    What are the features of Udyam Aadhaar Verification API?

    Secure merchant verification solution for a straightforward onboarding solution
    The Udyam verification process helps enterprises and corporations to find legitimate partners or suppliers. You can make informed decisions based on the faster and easier verification solution.
    Automate verification
    Our offered API technology can be integrated easily with your existing system. Quick integration automates the verification process. The API technology allows you to retrieve merchant data in real time and select genuine merchants easily.
    Low cost solution
    Invest a minimal amount on verification API and lower the burden of the compliance team. With our cost-efficient API, you can complete verification and meet the compliance requirements with 0% errors.
    Improved user experience
    Welcome genuine vendors, partners or suppliers quickly with our easy to use API technology. Your enhanced productivity standards will add a competitive edge to your business
    Fraud prevention
    Onboard authorized entities with our trusted API technology that is built on stringent quality standards. It is the best available solution to prevent fraud and validate the legitimacy of merchants
    Reduced manual review
    No need to manually review merchants and struggle with a time-consuming verification process. T try our easy to integrate API to speed up the onboarding process. Book a free demo and learn how automated authentication can make a world of difference

    How to verify the Udyog Aadhar certificate with API?

    Our verification APIs are developed on a strictly audited infrastructure. Our offered robust technology can seamlessly integrate with your existing system. Simplify the authentication of legit merchants with this easy to use verification API. All you need is the MSME Aadhaar number of the merchants to initiate the verification.

  • Input: Provide Udyog Aadhaar Number as an input
  • Fetch merchant data: Identify the merchant with crucial business details
  • Validate merchant details: Leverage the API technology to complete the verification
  • The easy plug and play operation of Scriza MSME API allows you to verify a registered merchant within seconds. Once you integrate the API and enter the Udyog Aadhaar number you can get the name of the merchant, type of merchant, social category, registered business address, the validity of the Aadhaar number etc.

    • Provide Udyog Aadhaar Number as an input
    • Identify the merchant with crucial business details
    • Leverage the API technology to complete the verification

    • The easy plug and play operation of Scriza MSME API allows you to verify the name of the merchant, type of merchant, social category, registered business address, the validity of the Aadhaar number etc.

    What are the uses of MSME Udyog Aadhaar Verification API?

    Aadhar certificates issued to small businesses ensure their legitimacy. Any entity that onboards small scale vendors can use our verification API to meet the compliance regulations. We have helped thousands of enterprises to prevent fraud and onboard genuine vendors with this easy to use API technology.
    • Merchant onboarding

      Featuring the lowest TAT, Scriza API is a reliable and accurate technology to onboard merchants faster. The offered solution fetches details from the MSME database instantly to confirm the legitimacy of your merchants.

    • Supplier/partner verification

      Enterprises engaging with partners or suppliers can use this powerful verification technology to make informed decisions. Validating their Udyam Aadhaar certificates helps them to find potential collaborators with total confidence

    • Business loans

      Save your business from merchant lending frauds with this easy to integrate reliable API technology. Presenting an easy to use verification solution that only requires a single input to minimize the risk of fraud in merchant lending.

    • Data analysis

      Third party authentication service providers who need data about small businesses can also use this API technology. Collecting and validating data about small firms becomes easier. With this error-free data retrieval process, analysts can categorize businesses based on geographical distribution and industry classification

    • Get API Access/Contact Now

      Scriza API features 99.99% uptime to ensure seamless verification. Connect now to learn more about the simple yet reliable verification technology.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The API solution is powered by robust technology to fulfill the promise of precision, instant processing, credibility and security.
    Enterprises can onboard merchants faster and in a secure way. Precision also helps in preventing fraud and helping businesses to make informed decisions.
    Scriza brings forth the most high-end technology and offers the assurance that there is zero chance of errors in the verification process. It is an extremely secure platform to derive details from the Government database.