Aadhaar Card Verification API

Scriza API provides multi-channel support to verify customers in seconds and reduce fraud in business transactions

What is UIDAI Aadhaar Verification API?

Aadhaar verification through API integration makes you a leader in the digital ecosystem. Enterprises can enrich their platform with new and advanced verification technologies. The verification solution fetches information from the UIDAI database for customer onboarding. The easy plug and play API lets you extract real time information to validate the following information on the Aadhaar Card

  1. User name
  2. DOB
  3. Gender
  4. Address

With Aadhaar verification API you can quickly verify the credibility of your customers and save your enterprise from fraudsters. So, connect with our team and get the Aadhaar verification API keys right now.

Looking for an Affordable and Secure API for Aadhaar Verification?

Try the 5-star rated API solution by Scriza. Below are the reasons we have become a preferred choice for onboarding API technologies

Instant authentication via API

Quickly onboard your verified customers with a fast and efficient API solution. Our easy to integrate API supports multiple channels

Fraud protection

Scriza API solution lets you enhance the security of transactions. Quickly verify the Aadhaar credibility of customers and prevent fraudulent activities.

User friendly Aadhaar card validation API

Presenting an easy plug and play API integration solution. Integrate into your existing system and make digital Aadhaar verification a breeze.

Live database integration

The API works on real time integrated database. Hence, we provide the assurance of 100% error-free Aadhaar verification in a few seconds.

Robust Aadhaar Card verification API

A stable API that offers robust Aadhaar verification and validation solutions. Suitable for enterprises to conduct onboarding with zero downtime.

Affordable price range

Verify the credible customers digitally with our affordable API technology. Surely a feasible option for enterprises looking for a trusted and reasonably priced solution

How does the UIDAI Aadhaar Verification API work?

Online verification of Aadhaar has been made easier by Scriza API solutions.

Extract OCR Data with Aadhaar Card Number verification API

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) API initiates real time database checking to verify the authenticity of the 12-digit Aadhaar number

Fetch Information in seconds with Aadhar verification API

Get verified information from the Aadhaar database using the reliable Scriza API solution in seconds

Three ways of Aadhaar card verification

Options to verify Aadhaar via uploading XML or ZIP file of Aadhaar, verifying without OTP and verifying with OPT

How we can integrate Aadhaar API?

With our offered robust API technology, data retrieval can be done with total accuracy. Your compliance team can complete the verification of Aadhaar information in real time with zero chances of errors. Here is how you can integrate the Aadhaar verification API.

  1. Place a request to access the ready-to-use API tool
  2. Enter the provided API keys into a mobile or web application
  3. Connect with UIDAI data source and fetch information in real time

We are here to deliver 100% customer satisfaction levels. So book a free demo to learn more about hassle-free integration of the API for Aadhar verification.

How to use Aadhaar Number Verification API?

We go the extra mile to ensure improved user experience. Therefore, Scriza brings forth three different ways to verify and validate the Aadhaar card.

1.Integrate Aadhaar card number verification API: Request API keys from Scriza and enter them into a mobile or web application for real-time integration.

2.Upload Aadhaar: The offered API fetches information about the Aadhaar card from the official UIDAI website to complete the verification.

3.Verify without OTP API key can be used to verify an Aadhaar card without OTP.

status_id": 1,

"state": "Delhi",

"ageBand": "30-40",

"gender": "MALE",

"mobile_number": "xxxxxxx056",

"aadhaar_number": "883170661913",

"report_id": 402,

"message": "Aadhaar Card Exists"

4.Verify with OTP: One-time passwords can be used to verify the credibility of your customers. Use OTP to fetch details like the image and the address.

Get Aadhaar Verification API Keys

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Frequently Asked Questions

Scriza provides highly advanced API solutions that confirm super quick integration and reliable performance. Our API technology is recognized widely by enterprises for the UIDAI compliant Aadhaar validation process.
Users are required to input the Aadhaar image or Aadhaar card number. The API fetches information in real time and masks the Aadhaar card within a few seconds. The validation API lets you mask the first 8 digits and the QR code of an Aadhaar card.
Aadhaar verification is a process to verify multiple data points, whereas the sophisticated validation process confirms the authenticity of Aadhaar cards.
Aadhaar verification is a process to verify multiple data points, whereas the sophisticated validation process confirms the authenticity of Aadhaar cards.
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