Advanced API for Vehicle RC Verification

AI based technology to quickly fetch information from the Vahan database and complete vehicle RC verification

Reliable API for vehicle information in India

    Enterprises can minimize fraud and onboard vehicles with total peace of mind. Scriza API presents the ultimate solution to make the onboarding process smooth and safe. With our AI based API users can perform multiple tasks:
  • Fetch vehicle details with an RC number
  • Find details about the vehicle owner
  • Verify the class of the vehicle
  • Verify the vehicle registration details

Featuring the AI based advanced API documentation, our offered verification solution is rated as the best in the industry. Book a free demo right now to learn how the easy to use API can be a gamechanger for the onboarding process.

uses of API for vehicle RC verification

We bring forth an easy to use real time verification solution to identify the legitimacy of the proof of evidence. So far, we have helped over 2000 enterprises in their onboarding processes. With this real time KYC solution, the following entities can make a world of difference to their verification processes

  • Insurance companies

    Use the plug and play API solution before issuing an insurance policy and save yourself from fraudulent claims

  • Law enforcement agencies

    Validating vehicle ownership is equally essential for departments engaged in traffic stops and accident investigations.

  • Rental car services

    Rental agencies can also try our instant verification solution to validate the ownership of vehicles and minimize the risk of fraud.

  • vehicle dealers

    Agencies that deal in used cars can also leverage the API technology to validate the ownership and registration status of a vehicle before purchasing.

  • Online merchants

    E-commerce platforms that engage in automotive services can also provide a layer of trust to their customers by using the powerful vehicle verification API

  • Applications of the RC verification API extend to diverse industrial sectors. Organizations, industries as well as individuals are attaining a competitive edge with our offered verification solution. What are you waiting for? Get API keys right now and authenticate vehicle ownership within seconds.

The best Vehicle RC verification API from Scriza

Scriza brings forth a range of features that results in a 5-star rating for our verification API. We go the extra mile to offer the assurance of comprehensive documentation. Not only this, round-the-clock integration support with 99.99% uptime made us the preferred choice for vehicle registration verification.
Faster onboarding
The offered API solution is optimized to fulfill the promise of hassle-free onboarding. Users can fetch information within seconds and complete the verification process instantly.
Fraud prevention
Scriza API is a robust theft check solution. The system efficiently fetches information from the Vahan database. It provides the benefit of reliable verification of ownership and vehicle class
Instant verification
Verifying customer credibility need not be a time-consuming task. Simply share the vehicle number and our API initiates instant RC verification by retrieval from the reliable government database
Real time processing
Scriza API solutions are known for their 99.99% uptime. Our dedicated team members go the extra mile to ensure that the RC verification process can be completed safely in real time.
User friendly
Our offered API technology is not just a legit but an effortless medium to complete the onboarding process. Featuring a simple plug and play operation, it is simply the best.
Vehicle RC verification API saves you time, effort as well as resources. Let your compliance team focus on other tasks, while our technology solutions perform cost-efficiently.

How to use API to get vehicle details in India?

The trouble-free integration can be used to verify details regarding vehicle insurance and vehicle identity. All you need is to input the vehicle number and you can prevent fraudulent activities with the following data points

  • Integrate Scriza API: Get the API key and initiate the easy plug and play operation. Our robust API documentation ensures easy integration. The API technology can be used easily with your existing system or application.
  • Input vehicle number: The only input required for the API is the vehicle number. Simply enter the vehicle number and let our verification API do the rest.
  • Fetch details: Get the registration number, owner's name and address, & vehicle class details within seconds.

We provide round-the-clock customer support and ensure endpoint availability 24/7. Don’t waste your time on manual verifications anymore. Easily integrate our verification API into your application or existing system and fetch the vehicle registration records instantly.

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Increase your onboarding volume with the guaranteed accurate and reliable Vehicle RC verification API. Book a free demo to fetch useful details easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our API solutions are 99.97% accurate because of the real time integration and processing. The offered technology fetches details with the latest AI based technology to confirm accuracy.
The compliance teams at enterprises can leverage API technology to verify details of a vehicle’s insurance and identity. The easy plug and play operation is used to fetch details of the vehicle’s registration date, state, owner’s name and address, vehicle model, body type, engine and chassis number and many other details.
Scriza presents the instant process to verify that legitimacy and ingenuity of the vehicles onboarded. The real time processing can be done instantly and users can fetch details from the Vahan database in less than 30 seconds.
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Increase your onboarding volume with the guaranteed accurate and reliable Vehicle RC verification API.