DIN Verification API

Fetch data from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to access details of a director and the associated companies Want to get details about a company or its directors, but not sure where to look? .

Get API keys from Scriza and get all the details of a company director in a few seconds. All you need is the DIN (Director Identification Number) to access the live information of company directors.

Our offered API technology fulfills the promise of

  • Robustness
  • Scalability
  • 99.99% uptime
  • So, what are you waiting for?

    Get API keys and quickly gather accurate data. With the offered API solutions, you can access details from the (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) MCA database.

    What are the outputs of the Director master data API requests?

    SRetrieve live DIN information within seconds

    Our offered API solutions are used by enterprises to verify the legitimacy of business partners.

    We implement robust technology development infrastructure to bring forth efficient and trusted verification API. Our offered API has become a preferred choice because of the benefits of data retrieval within seconds and the highest accuracy standards.

    Contact now to integrate the verification API and view director information in just a few clicks. Here are the outputs provided by the DIN API

    1. Director name
    2. Nationality
    3. Address
    4. List of associated companies
    5. Associated directors
    6. Business status

    Who can apply for a director ID number verification API?

    DIN verification technology is a useful tool for maintaining transparency in businesses. We have been serving a large number of clients who use this API for meeting compliance regulations. ntities from the BFSI sector can implement our offered DIN verification solutions:

    Business and corporations: Check the legitimacy of your potential partners, suppliers or investors

    Financial institutions: Banks and credit unions can use the API to authenticate company loan applications

    Regulatory bodies: A useful tool for auditors, investigators, and entities ensuring corporate governance

    Legal services: Simplified background checks and due diligence processes of legal service providers

    Third-party verification services: Background screening solution for fin-tech companies or crowdfunding platforms

    What are the benefits of using the director identification number API?

    Conducting thorough due diligence is essential for business. Background and reputation assessments can be done easily with our verification technology. Our offered verification API helps you make informed decisions in multiple ways.

    Prevent fraud

    AI based advanced API solution that helps enterprises to prevent onboarding fake DIN holders.

    Onboard faster

    Real time integration and easy plug and play operation facilitate the benefits of automation

    Save cost

    Fast and efficient onboarding enhances the efficiency of the compliance team and saves cost
    Accessing director information is crucial for the authentication and validation processes. Therefore, it is important to choose a high-performing technology. Ensure regulatory compliance with our easy to use API technology. Connect now to get API keys from the most affordable technology providers in the industry.

    Why choose the Scriza director identification application?

    Game changer verification technology for instant and accurate data retrieval
    • Seamless integration

      Easy plug and play operation with real time integration of API technology. Save time and cost by integrating it into your existing product.

    • 99.99% uptime

      Guaranteed availability of endpoints to ensure real time data retrieval and 24/7 tech support to make verification seamless.

    • Instant data retrieval

      Onboard companies with accurate DIN verification in the record highest time with the fast and high performing API solution by Scriza.

    • Encrypted communication

      The offered technology is reliable and secure as we adhere to the norms of data privacy and ensure top-notch encryption technology.

    • Robust technology

      A rigorously tested and constantly audited infrastructure allows us to develop an accurate and highly efficient verification API for MCA DIN.

    • Reliable

      Mitigate the risk of onboarding fraud customers with the highly secure and accurate API solution.

    • Scalable

      Scriza brings forth a viable verification solution for enterprises. Begin with a little investment and scale up as per the business requirements.

    • Steps for applying for a director ID number API

      The Scriza fallback system is the most reliable in the industry. We help you make the verification of DIN instant and accurate. Follow some easy steps to access accurate and reliable director information.

      • Integrate the API
      • Enter the DIN
      • Fetch details from the MCA database

      Users can retrieve the DIN database to find more about the director and a list of associated companies. This helps in hassle-free onboarding and risk assessment process for business lending, loan, insurance and other financial activities.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Scriza API is a reliable, efficient and accurate verification solution that helps businesses to verify the legitimacy of companies and directors. The offered verification technology is helpful in risk assessment and in the prevention of onboarding fraud DIN holders.
    Leverage the instant verification solution of Scriza API and fetch DIN details from the MCA database within seconds. Our robust technology ensures the record highest time for data verification.
    The DIN verification API by Scriza can be integrated in real time to ensure the implementation of a secure and error-free system for verification. There are zero chances of errors in data retrieval.
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