UPI ID Verification Online (VPA)

verify a customer's Virtual Payment Address (VPA) for reducing the rsk of fraud in UPI payments

What is the use of UPI Verification API?

Unified Payment Interface or UPI has become the backbone of the payment system in India. Every UPI owner has a unique VPA that can be used across all banks and merchants to promote digital payments.

A UPI verification API can be used to check if the given VPA is valid or not. Real time database integration helps in validating the name of the account holder and whether they are using a current or savings bank account.

Virtual Payment Address (VPA) validation was never so easy

Scriza API offers you a scalable and easy to use solution to verify whether the given VPA belongs to an active bank account or not.
The seamless integration provides useful details of the account holder to ensure secure business transactions. The digital codes of API communication are instant and we assure you zero downtime so that you can complete business transactions efficiently and swiftly.

What outputs do you get from UPI Validation API?

Save yourself from money transfer fraud. Simply get in touch with us and integrate the highly sophisticatedUPI verification API. This high-end API technology integrates with the database of NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) and helps you validate the UPI details of your customers.
Scriza UPI validation API can be used to get the following outputs:
Name of the account holder: The error-free validation technology provides the name of the account holder in the registered bank.
Status: With this API, you can also check if the provided VPA is valid or not.
Our offered API solutions are genuine, 100% secure and error-free. Contact now to book a free demo for the best UPI Validation API.

Features of our UPI Verification API

Guaranteed reduction in drop-offs with a smooth and advanced VPA verification solution.
Reduce frauds
The high-end UPI confirms the user's details and lets you stop fraudsters. So onboard genuine and verified customers and authorize secure transactions to grow your business smoothly.
Automate operation
Real time access to information makes verification and screening of UPIs instant. Instantly integrate the UPI validation API in a web portal or a mobile site and access VPA validation data Lower onboarding cost
No-code flawless VPA verification decreases the processing time and saves onboarding costs. Reduce the risk of manual errors and empower your compliance team with our API technology.

Trustworthy UPI Verification solution by Scriza

3X your productivity or sales with the instant UPI verification solution.
  • Fastest UPI ID verification online

    The optimized API solution guarantees 99.99% uptime which confirms instant verification of VPA with reduced turnaround time. Connect now to book a demo for the fastest and most secure UPI verification API

  • Real time UPI Verification API

    Data retrieval can be done within seconds with our easy to integrate API. The offered technology seamlessly integrates with your existing systemsand makes validation easy.We offer round the clock customer support to attain 100% customer satisfaction.

  • Easy to use UPI validation API

    Eliminate the hassles of codes, updates and operating system scalability with our easy to use API technology. Get in touch to access API keys.Get in touch with us to book a free demo or get access to the high performing and robust API technology

  • Efficient fraud prevention

    Verifying VPAS has never been easier for merchants and enterprises. A legit and accurate system to verify UPIs that is accepted across all industries.

How to use UPI Verification API?

    The easy to use UPI verification API lets you track and analyze VPA data instantly. Here is a straightforward step-wise approach for staying on top of VPA status updates.
  • Users enter the UPI address as an input
  • The API retrieves VPA data in real time
  • Delivers account holder's name as output

It takes only a few seconds to validate the details of a provided VPA. So why are you compromising the efficacy of your business with unsafe transactions? Connect now to book a free demo for using the safest technology to validate the status of a UPI ID

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Frequently Asked Questions

All you need is the UPI Id of an account holder to verify the validity status and the name of the account holder.
UPI verification API can be used by merchants and enterprises that involve in digital payments via UPI address.
Scriza API ranks on top of the offered VPA verification solutions because of the assurance of 99.97% accuracy and precision.
Users prefer Scriza API because of the hassle-free one-time integration requirements. The industry leading API can be integrated easily into the existing workflow, simply get in touch to get access to the API.
To get access to API keys users can get in touch with our support staff. Scriza is recognized for the fastest turnaround times and the most cost-effective verification and validation API solutions. Get in touch right now to smoothly manage digital business transactions.
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