Driving Licence Verification API

Cutting edge API offers accurate and instant verification of your customers'legitimate identity evidence A Driving Licence not only proves a person's driving skills but according to Indian compliance standards, it also serves as a legal identity. Therefore, verification of the Driving Licence becomes crucial for various applications.

Get API keys to verify a driving license and complete the KYC within seconds. We have designed a convenient and automated system to verify and validate a driving license. Organizations, service providers or third-party applications can integrate the DL verification technology into their existing system.

  • Verify the driving license data
  • Accurately confirm the DL status
  • Meet the compliance requirements
  • Reduce the risk of fraud
  • India's #1 Driving License Verification API Provider

    Scriza, recognized as the best Driving License Verification API Provider presents a robust solution to verify the legal identity of a customer. Here comes with a reliable API technology to help you determine the legitimacy of a customer with ease.

    Verify the authenticity of a driving license with our high-speed API technology. Featuring a plug and play operation, the competitively priced verification solution has become extremely popular among entities from different sectors. Our user-friendly API solutions are immensely helpful for the following:

  • Transportation services
  • Car rental services
  • Employment screening
  • Insurance processing
  • Age verification
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Whether you want to confirm the age of an individual or determine the eligibility of an individual to get insurance claims, we can help you with the verification process.

    Talk to our representatives to learn more about the fast, reliable and accurate Driving License verification API.

    The Best Driving Licence Verification API in India

      Check the authenticity of a driving license with useful validation outputs. The reliable API can be deployed with stringent encryption protocol so the integrity of data retrieved from government databases can be secured

    • User-friendly driving license verification API

      Get the API link from our representatives for real time API integration. No hassle of software, OS or cloud management. Try the easy plug and play operation and do verifications instantly

    • 99.99% uptime

      Scriza goes the extra mile to always monitor and spot issues. Our development team ensures the continuous availability of a single API endpoint for a smooth verification process.

    • Instant verification

      Offline verification of official documents takes forever and can cost a lot. Improve customer experience with our fast and reliable API technology. We confirm faster access to reliable values fetched from the government database

    • Assured accuracy

      Real time API integration is great for enterprises that need crucial user details for onboarding. Maintain the audit trail and verify legitimate users with zero risk of manual errors.

    • Easy validation

      Your compliance team can access the full name, image, address and other details of a user with an OTP. Hence, the verification process makes the way easier for validation as well.

    • Affordable

      Automated technology dramatically reduces our development cost, therefore Scriza becomes the #1 API technology provider with a competitive pricing structure.

    • Benefits of Online Driving Licence Verification

      A driving license is one of the widely used documents for identity proof. Save yourself from being a victim of fraudulent activities. With our online verification solutions, you can easily detect fraud and save costs on the onboarding process

      Prevent Fraud

      Scriza API enables enterprises to flag fraudulent activities. Quickly deploy the Driving Licence verification technology and reduce the risk of fraud

      Complete KYC

      Streamline the KYC process with our fast, reliable and affordable API. We offer a real-time data retrieval facility with assured 99.99% uptime.

      Competitive edge

      Lower the operating cost of your compliance team. Automate the verification process and improve user experience.

    How does Scriza DL Verification API Work?

    Automate the process of identity verification and let the compliance team focus on other important tasks. It takes less than 30 seconds to verify the Driving License with Scriza API.

    • Upload the Driving License

      Get the API Key, begin real time API integration, and upload the photo of the driving license to initiate the verification process.

    • Verify without OTP

      No OTP is required to check the legitimacy of a user by verifying the basic information given on the Driving Licence.

    • Verify with OTP

      OTP verification can be done to access the signature, image and other essential details of your potential customers.

    • Contact the Best DL Verification API Provider

      We are rated as the best API providers because of the secure communication protocols and encryption measures we implement. Look nowhere else and choose us to attain total peace of mind. Complete the KYC with our user-friendly and high-speed API technology for Driving License verification.
      Our representatives are available 24/7. So, request an API key or book a demo right now

    Frequently Asked Questions

    API technology lets you access real time data of a user simply by entering the Driving License number.
    Scriza API lets you confirm the validity of evidence by verifying the full name, age, address and signature of a user.
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