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A future-focused management solution for finance and administration tasks

Managing a school's administrative tasks can be challenging and time-consuming

But not anymore!

Scriza presents the ultimate feature-rich management solution for all those hectic tasks like:

  • Fee collection
  • Student enrolment
  • Attendance tracking
  • Academic record management

We are here to simplify and streamline your school management operations.

We present future-ready management technology. Automate routine tasks, improve departmental communication, and focus on student growth and academic success.

No more paperwork and erroneous overload;

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A secure cloud based school management system

After 10 successful years and 50+ successful implementations, we take pride in our offered school management technology solutions. Thousands of schools and educational institutes across the country have faith in our software system. We are the preferred choice for the automation of daily administrative tasks because of the following features:

Accounts management system: Our offered technology solutions simplify financial management at schools. With the functionality of fee collection, tracking payment records, generating invoices, and automating financial reports, the offered software ensures ease of operation.
We offer a customizable accounts management system with a choice of payment gateway for online fee collection.

Attendance management system: Making attendance reports was never so easy! A comprehensive set of features makes administration easy. The software can be equipped with biometric integration, smart ID cards, and automated notifications for real-time tracking of student attendance.

Admission management system: The entire admission process can be paperless with next-gen software solutions. With centralized data storage, complicated tasks like document verification and seat allocation become easy.

Examination management system: Result analysis, grading system, report card generation and various other exam related tasks that were time consuming can now be simplified. With this hi-tech software technology, you can simplify the entire examination process.

Student/alumni management system: We bring forth a secure and easy to use cloud based database management system for student records. With all the data privacy controls, it becomes a trusted solution for academic records management.

ERP school software: Foster the environment for efficiency and growth with our comprehensive ERP school management technology. The offered software features customizable functionalities related to documentation, work allocation, enquiry management, transfer certificate, e-learning and more.

Our software developers have decades of experience in catering to your unique needs. Connect with us to embrace the power of technology.

Benefits of using our student database management system

We leverage our industry expertise in software development. So, here comes a customizable, easy to use and affordable software system for student database management.

Feature-rich: With endless features and customization, the management of academic records becomes hassle-free.

Enhanced productivity: Technology allows automation of manual tasks, hence you can save valuable time and resources of our competent staff.

Ease of Use: We bring forth a user-friendly interface and easy navigation so that your staff can quickly learn to use the system effectively.

Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to traditional paper-based record-keeping systems, our offered ERP software is affordable. No need for physical storage space, reduces printing costs and minimizes errors of manual data entry.

Data Privacy: We prioritize student data security, therefore, we use robust data encryption and regular backups.

Scalability: No need to compromise on performance or functionality. Start with a little investment and seamlessly scale as your institution grows.

Easy to use fee management system

You don't have to hire a tech-savvy staff to use our software. Anyone can quickly navigate through various fee-related tasks

  • Error-free fee collection
  • Automated payment tracking
  • Hassle-free receipt generation

Moreover, features like automated calculations and real-time updates make fee management a breeze

Gone are the days of complex manual fee management. Leverage technology, save time, reduce errors, and try our hassle-free experience.

How do we develop educational institute management software?

We follow several key steps to meet your unique business needs. Below are some essential steps include in the successful implementation of school management software:

We understand your requirements: We document your specific requirements, like the required features, functionality, and integration technology.

We begin the system design: The comprehensive system design is then developed which includes the software architecture, modules, and database structure.

Software development and testing: In the next step, the actual coding starts. We use high performing programming languages and compatible frameworks. Then we conduct testing to identify and fix any bugs or errors within the software.

Deployment and user training: Once the software is error-free, we deploy it on the desired platform or server. We also provide user training for efficient use of the software.

Maintenance and support: We provide maintenance and support services to address all of your issues. We are available 24/7 for software update requests.

What is the cost of our institute management software?

The specific features you need determine the cost of the management software. Generally, our pricing starts at INR 20,000 for small institutions and can go up to INR 50,000 or more for larger institutions. Rest assured, our customizable packages, transparent pricing and affordable rates, make us the preferred choice. Connect now to get a detailed estimate for your software package.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A school management system features various modules that can be operated through a user-friendly interface. Get in touch with us to learn more about the cloud based secure school management technology.
With our hi-tech solution, you can automate administrative tasks, such as attendance tracking, fee management, academic record keeping and communication.
Invest in a school management software technology and experience benefits like cost savings, improved data accuracy, and efficient administrative processes.
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