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Scriza presents an effortless solution to make payments simple. Discover the perfect payout API technology and add a competitive edge to your business.

We bring forth a trusted payment solution that fulfils the promises of

  • Secure transactions
  • Speedy transactions
  • Scheduling of transactions

The easy payment solutions are great for all sizes of businesses and organisations. If you want a reliable channel for retailer incentives, look no further and order the holistic payment solution by Scriza

A reliable and easy to use payment solution is just a click away. Don’t waste time anymore and connect with our sales team to learn more about the robust Payout API.

Scriza- The Best Payout API Provider Company in India

A scalable payment solution that is designed to meet your unique business needs. Featuring robust API documentation and audited development infrastructure, Scriza becomes the most trusted provider of payment technology. Our offered payout API solutions are highly recognized by the following entities:

FMCG industry: The robust and highly secure payout API is a great tool to enable retailer incentives in the FMCG sector.

BFSI companies: Banking and finance sector entities can leverage advanced payment technology for account validation and bill payments.

E-commerce entities: In this era of online shopping, payments to delivery partners and COD facilities can be integrated easily. Try the fast and secure payout API solution.

Manufacturers: Manage supply chain efficiency requirements by using a secure and instant payment solution. A large number of manufacturing entities rely on our technology for payment of labour charges and other supply chain costs.

Referral payouts: In this era of digital marketing, where brands are collaborating with influencers, referral payouts can be made easy with our integrated API technology.

All sizes of businesses are leveraging the benefits of our offered payment API solutions. Scriza is known for developing scalable solutions; begin with a little investment and grow as your business thrives. Get in touch with the sales team right now.

Features of the Best Payout Settlement API Solution In India

Payments, incentive generation and invoice settlements have become simplified with the easy to use payout solution.

Multiple payment modes

Payment processing has become seamless with our one-in-all payout API that has multiple payment modes. Choose a single payment gateway to process payments through cash, debit card, credit card, digital wallets, UPI, RTGS, IMPS or NEFT.

Connectivity with leading banks

The payout aggregator is a game-changer for various merchants and vendors. Use a reliable payment solution that offers seamless connectivity with multiple banks. Process payments in a second through leading banks of India.

Auto retry

Robust API documents include features like smart routing which offers the highest success rates. We have optimized the user experience with the auto-retry coding that allows the payout solution to efficiently retry and succeed in previously failed transactions.

Easy API Integration:

No hassle for additional back-end developments. Simply integrate our recharge software with your existing systems, websites, or mobile applications and enhance the user experience. Our offered robust APIs are known for their ease of use.

Inclusive APIs

Apart from quick payment processing, Scriza focuses on delivering the highest user experience. We have provided easy to integrate APIs to add beneficiaries, process payments and deliver transaction status.

Make your transactions secure and fast with the next-gen payment processing technology. Book a free demo to learn more about the user-friendly and reliable features of our payout API.

Reliable Fintech Software API Provider in India

We have been helping thousands of Fintech companies with our highly secure and robust API solution. Integrate the API and process payments quickly with the assurance of 99.99% uptime.

Easy to integrate: Integration becomes faster and easier for Scriza API because we present a comprehensive integration kit. Further, we provide round the clock integration support for improved user experience.

Real time updates: Be it the transaction status or updates about the account settlements, use our API to stay informed. The API fetches details from the master database in real time.

Encrypted payout solution: We have implemented a robust development infrastructure to secure transactions. Further, we have incorporated a token-based API access system to fulfil the demands for secure and reliable payout API.

Applications of the best payout API provider

A reliable, easy to use and faster payout API can make a world of difference for ecommerce retailers, freelancing platforms, marketplace owners, marketing networks, non-profit organizations and financial services. All sizes of brands and entities can maintain transparency and accountability in fund distribution. Following are the applications where Scriza payout API can be a game-changer.

  1. Seamless and automated payouts
  2. Distribute winnings or incentives
  3. Send refunds to customers
  4. Peer to peer payments
  5. Payroll distribution
  6. Employee reimbursements

How to use India and International Payout API?

Simplify transactions with the secure and easy to use payment API which integrates quickly. Follow the steps listed below to make payment processing simplified.

Integration: Login into your account, get API keys and begin real-time integration. You can easily integrate the payout API into your existing system or application.

Add beneficiary: Enter basic details like the name of the beneficiary and bank account number along with the IFSC code.

Enter payment details: Enter the amount you want to process and submit for secure and faster transactions.

Payout initiated: When you submit the form, the payout gets initiated for a secure and seamless transaction across multiple payment modes or various banks.

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Our offered payout solutions are easy and convenient. We put the needs of our customers as a priority and develop a comprehensive technology solution. Make payments to cards, wallets or banks within seconds.

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