Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS)

Electricity, gas, water and telephone bill payments become easy with BBPS API

BBPSor Bharat bill payment systemis an online platform developed for payment collection. NPCI developed this platform to collect bills for over 22 categories.

Integrate the BBPS API developed by Scriza into your existing system or application and present the ultimate convenience for utility bill payments. Become a payments service provider with ease. Try our robust, highly secure and high performing API technology for bill payments.

Bharat bill pay API provider

Scriza brings forth an easy integration technology to deploy the one-stop solution for utility bill payments. Make BBPS accessible and interoperable with our highly secure payment API.

Providing convenience to make payments on the go, we offer you the best API solution for faster and more reliable transactions. Make online and offline payments for various categories of utility bills:

  1. Landline bill
  2. Gas bill
  3. Electricity bill
  4. Water bill
  5. Broadband bill
  6. Postpaid bills

We take pride in our robust API development infrastructure which enabled us to bring forth a revolutionary payment solution. We empower every small scale business owner who aims to set benchmarks for payment services. Get API keys or book a free demo to learn more about the easy plug and play API solution.

Bharat bill pay integration API: Features and benefits

The centralized payment gateway service BBPS is widely popular for its unmatched functionality and versatility. Integrate BBPS with our API technology to manifold the business benefits.

Seamless and secure bill payments:

Scriza API technology enables you to seamlessly integrate the BBPS system and securely accept payments from your customers.

Wide range of billers:

Convenience is guaranteed with BBPS API integrationbecause you can accept payments for over 22 categories of billers across the country.

Real-time updates:

Receive notifications for successful payments and keep track of failed transactions. Real-time status updates are best for efficient payment tracking.

Data privacy:

Compliance with data privacy norms offer total peace of mind. All the sensitive payment information and customer data are secured using encryption protocols.

Handle high volumes:

BBPS API integration is widely demanded due to its feature of scalability. When your customer base grows and you need a system to handle higher volumes of transactions.

What makes us the Best BBPS API Provider Company in India?

Scriza API solutions are best-in-class because of the standardized and efficient documentation. Moreover, our dedication to customer satisfaction makes us the #1 company for BBPS API integration.

99.99% uptime:

We assure you of continuous availability in your business. Scriza guarantees a high level of uptime because we employ strict redundancy measures and robust monitoring systems.

We ensure to meet the demands of various businesses and bring forth uninterrupted bills payment service.

24/7 customer support:

Apart from our infrastructure ability and security measures, we have become India’s #1 BBPS API provider because of prompt response guarantees. Scriza has a proven track record of resolution of critical matters by assuring 24/7 availability of technical support.


Our pricing plans are tailored to meet your specific needs. Businesses of varying sizes and requirements have faith in our competitively priced API solutions. Consider the benefits, features, reliability and support provided by us and you will understand that Scriza API is totally worth it.

India’s #1 Bharat Bill Payment System API Provider

Make us your technology partner and let your business grow exponentially. Scriza technology solutions are rated the best in the industry for the offered benefits of scalability, reliability, affordable and customer support.

Choosing us can be immensely beneficial for your payment services business.

Bill payments anytime, anywhere:

With our robust biller network you can improve customer satisfaction levels.

Accessible bill payment system:

We adhere to industry standards to ensure that a secure and accessible bill payment system can be integrated.

Multiple payment modes:

With our clear and comprehensive documentation, development becomes smoother and integration for multiple payment modes becomes easier.

Highest commission:

An array of payment modes enables you to accept payments from a large number of customers and increase your commission earnings.

We bring forth tailored solutions to meet your business requirements for branding or white labelling. Book a demo to learn more about costoptimization.

Steps to use the integrated bill payment system- BBPS

Comprehensive API documentation made us the preferred choice for robust payment processing integrations. Accepting bill payments becomes easier with our offered API solution. Follow the below steps to seamlessly integrate the robust payment solution.


Talk to our sales team, register an account and complete the verification process.

API Integration:

Get the API keys and follow the integration guidelines.

Access biller

Fetch biller details from the list of API supported billers to initiate bill payment.

Input bill details

Enter the account information to display the bill details of your customers.

Payment processing:

Choose a supported payment method and complete the transaction securely.

API integration and payment transactions are very easy and secure at BBPS. For detailed instructions on integrating and using the specific API, book a free demo.

How to get Bharat Bill Payment System API Integration?

Scriza brings forth comprehensive and robust documentation for the unified bill payment system. If you need an easily accessible payment service for your business, connect with our sales team right now.

We are renowned for providing affordable APIs with high-uptime performance. Get in touch to learn more about API solutions that can transform your business.

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