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Are you struggling to thrive your business in rural areas where traditional banking services are limited?

What if we tell you that now quick, secure and hassle-free transactions are possible even in remote areas? Presenting the innovative AePS solution, which provides convenient deposits and withdrawals.

All you need is their Aadhaar credentials and our AePS API technology to transform the way you transfer money.

With features like user-friendly platform and biometric authentication, Scriza becomes the most-trusted API service provider. Connect with us to learn more about the revolutionized way of transactions in remote areas.

What is the AePS API?

AePs stands for Aadhar Enabled Payment System. AePS API is a unique user-friendly system that allows merchants to offer Aadhaar card based payment services.

You can integrate the API technology into your services or online platforms and complete secure transactions through the Aadhaar credentials of users.

What is the use of the Aadhaar-enabled payment system API?

Businesses and individuals can enjoy greater convenience in fund transfers through AePS. Invest in our API to facilitate the following banking services in remote areas:

Cash Deposits: Use our API to deposit cash into the bank accounts through Aadhaar authentication.

Cash Withdrawals: Use our AePS to withdraw cash from their bank accounts through Aadhaar-based biometric authentication.

Balance Inquiry: Users can check their bank account balance using the AePS API. It provides real-time information about the available funds in the account.

Aadhaar linking: The API can also be used for linking Aadhaar credentials with a bank account.

Fund transfers: The API can be used to easily transfer funds from one bank account to another bank account.

Mini Statement: With the mini statement feature users can also view recent transactions and account activity.

Aadhaar Authentication: The API supports features to verify the Aadhaar credentials of users.

Bill Payments: With our AePS API integrations users can pay utility bills, such as electricity, water, and gas bills directly from their bank accounts.

Mobile recharge: It is a convenient option to recharge their mobile phones with our AePS API.

Insurance Premium payments: The AePS API implementation can also be used to pay insurance premiums directly from their bank accounts linked to Aadhaar.

Our AePS API is a versatile solution that allows various banking and financial operations. So enjoy the benefits and connect with us today to get a quote.

Who can benefit from an AePS API provider company?

We contribute to the growth of various sectors. The following entities have shown faith in our API solutions for transactions.

Microfinance Institutions: Agencies that provide financial services can serve individuals in remote areas. They can offer services like loan disbursement, repayment collection, and other financial transactions using Aadhaar authentication

Retail merchants: Retailers and merchants can accept payments directly from customers' bank accounts using Aadhaar authentication.

Digital wallets and payment service providers: Users can link their Aadhaar information and perform transactions seamlessly from their choice of digital platforms.

Insurance and pension disbursement agencies: Insurance companies and pension providers can work on claim settlements and pension amounts directly to beneficiaries' bank accounts.

E-commerce and online marketplaces: Payments for e-commerce entities can be done with Aadhaar credentials. The API is a secure payment option to expand the customer base in remote areas.

What are the requirements to become an AePS API service provider?

Whether you are a merchant, running a micro-finance institution or need Aadhar enabled payment system for insurance transactions, you can leverage the API technology. You can avail AePS in remote areas with the following mandatory requirements:

  1. Have a bank account with a bank participating in AEPS
  2. The Aadhaar of the user should be linked to their bank account
  3. The transaction is completed through the user’s biometric authentication only

What makes us the best AePS API provider?

We empower entities looking for secure and reliable transaction facilities in remote areas. Below are the reasons that Scriza became the top-rated API provider for AePS.

Secure Transactions: With the robust API solution, we provide an added layer of security for financial transactions.

Convenience: With the reliable API, users can perform transactions anytime, anywhere, using their Aadhaar information.

Cost-Effective: We offer the most competitive price range and provide you with a scalable digital platform for financial transactions.

API Integration: The comprehensive documentation provided with the AEPS API allows easy integration into any existing applications or platforms. Hence you can enhance the overall user experience.

Scalability: We design a next-gen API that handles a large volume of transactions. It is suitable for all sizes of businesses, moreover, our clients get the option to start with a little investment and scale up as the business grows.

Round the clock support: Our dedicated team leaves no stone unturned to meet and exceed your expectations. You can count on us for our fastest turnaround times and 24/7 after-sales support.

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An AePS service provider is a company that uses Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AePS) and facilitates transactions in remote areas where banking services are not available.
To get the AePS capabilities, you can connect with us. We are the most trusted AePS API service providers, offering the most affordable, secure and timely delivered payment solutions
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